Maui Solar Energy Systems Hawaii Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance
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We have many options that will surely fit your budget:

We can create any system, of any size, for any condition using high quality modules and Fronius inverters. Roof top mount or ground mount. All wires will be hidden or concealed within walls for a neat, architectural look. Quality and aesthetics are just as important as efficiency and power production.

*Federal tax credit is 30% of total cost. Hawaii state tax credit is 35% of total cost or $5000, for residential installations. Tax credits can be carried over subsequent years if not exhausted in the current tax year. Consult a tax professional to make sure that you qualify for these tax credits.

System payoff is about 2 years for commercial installations and 4 years for residential.

300 Ohukai Rd, Ste 311
Kihei, Hawaii 96753
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Maui Solar Energy Systems
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